Thursday, July 27, 2017


Let me help you make that dream come true. Making art is a choice. You only need permission from yourself. You are soooo much better off not having studied it. No poison to suck out.

I can help get you on your way. The first step is for you to tell me how I can help. What you want. I can help get you to the water's edge. Anyone can paint. Painters just don't want that to get out.

The trick is to paint exactly from how you think and dream and feel. No shoulds. Worth repeating. NO shoulds. Quite the opposite. Follow your own lead, allow for inspiration, could be a color or shape, and trust your own sense of what is good or right or best. No rules.

The fact is that a lot of people think they know what is art and what isn't. This is the folly of the closed mind.

"Just do it!"

I can get you started. Help you get materials and get you in the water. Then you can just paint away! You can paint just like you. Find the painting inside you. Abstract, figurative, makes no difference. Please yourself. We count on the selfish courage of artists.

Again. There is no wrong way to paint. Just your way. Gently sit your critical voice down and put your finger to your lips and quietly say sush. Then trust every impulse you have and keep going. Be free. Let color and shape be your chariot! Let line show you the way. Don't be afraid to put things on top of each other. Be brave:)

Think of your paintings like sketches. They could be a beautiful springboard. Never be afraid of weird. En JOY!

Always remember why and what you like about painting. Permit yourself that. Paint what is inside you. Share what is inside you. Celebrate what is inside you! And then fly. Use whatever you need to help you fly. Like your fingers! Or a stick, or a piece of cardboard. Or not. But there, I have said too much!

No expectations. Again. No shoulds. Only wonder and joy. I promise you: this is possible. Let the painting lead the charge. Listen to the painting. It will guide you. I always look at my old painting and say, ah, so that was what was going on:)

Happy Painting:)

Addison Parks
Spring Hill

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